While EO-202034 lays out guidelines for reopening our dining room on May 11th, we have made the difficult decision to extend our dine-in closure until we can ensure a safe dine-in experience.

We appreciate your continued support and are ensuring the highest level of sanitation to help weather the foreseeable future. 

About Us

 A family-owned and operated restaurant serving Phoenix for over 35 years. We were the first Thai Restaurant in the city of Phoenix, as well as the first restaurant to change our establishment to nonsmoking.With awards adorning the wall when you first enter, we have truly made a name for ourselves. Our homemade chile paste is the key ingredient to many of our signature dishes. There are no premixed sauces here! Every dish is prepared when ordered. 


Dishes marked with * are spicy. However, everything on the menu may be ordered as mild or spicy as you prefer. We want to provide our dishes at its finest taste. So please no substitutions